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JP Euro

JP Euro

JP Euro & JP Euro Auto Collision is a repair and collision facility based in the Dallas, Texas area. Although they had a website that was fairly recently done, it’s formatting was very generic, and lacked visual appeal. The images were small, the site was built in two columns and all the content was written in broken English.


To his credit, the owner had learned how to to edit his website himself and even went so far as to try to build a new one. Realizing it was too much to learn, he reached out to us.


Our plan was a complete reboot of the site, including new imagery, a new layout, and developing more content that would help inform customers and raise their rankings in search engines.


They were smart enough to hire a professional photographer, and some of that photography helped build the site. Other photos came from stock photography warehouses.


Our team re-wrote all of the content to ensure that it markets the company’s services well and to ensure their SEO was off to a good start.


The site took 10 days to build, from start to finish.


The challenge for most small businesses is the same: they want a professional looking website but rarely have the manpower or financial resources to allocate to the building of their website. The often try to build it themselves using Wix or Squarespace, only to find out that the monthly fees cost more than a proper site build.


Good photography is the key to good website visuals. JP Euro was smart enough to recognize this need.We always advise clients to spend $500 on a photoshoot…it’s always worth it.


Another great tool is the proliferation of fresh content. Almost every business owner could and should allocate an hour a week to either author some stories relevant to their business or pull in content from external sources. JP Euro does this on their blog.


For those clients who need help with content, video or photography, we have reliable resources for all of these disciplines.


With the competition in the search engine world, businesses like JP Euro and others like it can no longer afford to hang out a shingle and think customers will come running. The best thing a client can do is to add to their content, little by little. It may take some time, but before too long, they’ll become a trusted resource.



July 2, 2017