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The Fast and The Furious – Original Script

Read the original script from the first movie in the franchise, The Fast and Furious.

I’ve been asked to share this for years, so here it is. Note that this was a very, very early draft of the script. You’ll notice things missing from this script that ended up in the movie and you’ll see things that are in this script that are missing from the movie.

Educated fans of the movie will notice the differences in what’s presented in this script draft versus what ended up in the final draft. These stories will be more comprehensively covered in my book, due for release on Amazon in August of 2017.

Those of you who know me personally know of my involvement in the franchise, but there are many, many people who contributed to the making of these movies. The stories of their contributions are also chronicled in the book. I hope you’ll consider picking it up when it’s available. 

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Click to download